Project Description

Prefabricated Substation

Product Overview
The prefabricated substation with voltage up to 12KV is a set of high-voltage switchgear, transformers, low voltage power distribution equipment, low-voltage intelligent switch, automatic reactive power compensation, combined according to a certain combination of connection to offer local or remote operation to realize the functions of remote control, remote measuring, remote communication, remote adjustment.
This product applies to rated voltage of 24kV and below, rated frequency of 50Hz AC three-phase system of public distribution system, RMU or the residential quarters, factories and mines, large construction sites, high-rise buildings, airport terminals and temporary facilities, etc.
This product integrates primary and secondary systems to simplify the installation and commissioning.  It’s combined functions of pad-mounted transformer and prefabricated substation.
The Control method of ZYB series substation includes manual & electric operation type, as well as remote control type. It also has function of metering, communicating, controlling, alarm etc.