Project Description

Distribution Transformer: Oil immersed, 11kV & 33kV

Transmission and distribution system transmit electricity power to the end user by adjusting from far away power plants. Through high-voltage power transmission line, and then by few step-down transformer, the power is suitable for user’s application. Distribution transformers located in the vicinity of the end user will eventually reduce the voltage to a suitable rating. Distribution transformers are referred to those can reduce the voltage to the electrical equipment’s working voltage. Such transformers are used for daily lighting and industrial power. Generally, the low voltage is 0.4kV or below. The capacity of distribution transformer is small, generally 2500 kVA or below. And the primary voltage is 35 kV or below.

Hermetically sealed transformer is different from ordinary oil-immersed transformers due to no conservator installed. The corrugated fins on the tank act as radiator, which isolate the transformer oil from atmosphere.