Project Description

Cast Resin Insulation Dry-type Transformer

The core is made of cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheet cut in step-lap by automatic cutting line from GEORG, Germany and laminated with method of fifth-order step-by-step stack technology. In this way, no-load performance of the core is greatly improved.

The winding assembly is casted in the vacuum resin casting machine imported from Hedrich, Germany. The resin materials are provided by (HUNTSMAN) CIBA-GEIGY, Switzerland. All these equipment and material ensure good permeability, no bubbles of casted resin, which leads to minimum partial discharge and high capability to withstand short circuit.

The HV and LV winding mate with each other tightly, which ensures solid strength of structure and capability to withstand short circuit and vibration.

Under normal service condition, the service life of dry type transformer is 30 years. No crackle will form on the surface of transformer winding due to temperature variation as long as the transformer runs under normal service condition.